Firefall hack

OS support:Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Firefall hack

Works at the release version.
  • Aimbot
    • Bone aiming
    • Smooth aiming
    • Prediction: based on fps, ping, bullet speed and gravity
    • Targeting: by FOV (cone), cylinder or distance
    • Projectiles lifespan check, range check
    • Target lock
    • No recoil

  • ESP
    Players/Mobs: name, health, dist, bounds, skeleton

  • Radar

Our firefall hack is planned as a tool, which will help you to advance your progress in the game without any problems. Firefall aimbot will kill mobs for you without any problems, you also can use it in PVP, which will make your playing even more fun. All firefall hacks are currently undetected and safe to use.
Hope you enjoy it!

About the game

Firefall is MMORPG from Red 5 Studios. It is currently in its open beta and it is mixing elements of MMORPG and MMOFPS games.
Firefall shows us both a huge, open-world co-op gameplay that contains hundreds of other players as well as a pvp multiplayer, that will contain features like skill rating, tournaments, guild and leagues. They realy tryed to protect the game from the things like aimbot, but failed.


Game event start in 24th age. Scientists predicted, that huge asteroid will fly near the Earth, but will miss. However, something went wrong and the asteroid crashed the Moon. Then asteroid shards started to fall on the Earth, and this even brought mankind to the new dark age, which was later called Nine Year Winter. Most of the countrys divided into the smaller ones, but some of them formed a strong alliance.

During the dark age scientists in Japan made various experiments on the new element crystite, that was found in the asteroid shards. They understood, that it contain large amounts of energy and breaks most currently known laws of physics. Crystite became a main source of energy very fast, it almost had no limits. However, the crystite came from the asteroid, so the mankind wanted more of it. Humanity managed to figure out, where the asteroid came from. Space ships were made immediatly and sent to the star system, called Alpha Centauri. The journey took four long years, but it was worth it. Expedition found a world with huge ammount of crystite.

Alot of things in the game go around crystite. There is a lot of different forms of crystite, but the most valuable of them is the seed crystite, that's all because you can combine it into the crystite hybrid.

Game engine:

Firefall is based on the Offset Engine, developed by Offset Software. It was originally built for other game, but it was cancelled in the middle of 2010.


In Firefall players can receive gear and level up to fight more effective. The guilds are called armies, which give their members some bonuses and abilities. For example, the Thumper, is a mining drill which gives a play of an army the ability to gather crystite from ground. Some areas are better for mining then others, you need to find it. As soon as a thumper is deployed it will get attacked by mobs. This was one of a few demonstrated examples of the events or types of gameplay players will experience. Playing this game is mostly fun, using our software with switched ON aimbot, don't miss it.


At the beginning of beta test there were 5 battleframes. Recon, Engineer, Assault, Dreadnaught, Biotech. All of them have unique weapons and abilities. Every battleframe have 2 upgraded versions of it, you can unlock them by means of advancing in progression of current battleframe.

Why you need our hack:

Our cheat will help you to be more deadly ingame. Our high accurate aimbot will help you to hit with most of your shots, so it will highly increase your dps. Thumping alone is not a problem now. Finish every mission solo, aimbot just makes it easy and efficient.
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