Star Wars battlefront hack
Last checked:12.02.2016
Status:Not working

OS support:Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Planetside 2 hack with aimbot

Currently not working.

Planetside 2 hack was released at Closed beta test of this game. New Silent planetside 2 aimbot kills everything on it's way and does not turn your camera, so you can even stream with it, staying safe and not obvious

Our hacks for Planetside 2 are most advanced in the world. You wont find some many deadly features anywhere. Everything works perfectly and will make you alot of pleasure, while you play. Enjoy!

Our hacks

  • Radar
  • ESP Players & Vehicles: name, health, dist, bounds, skeleton, weapon
  • ESP Mines, Nades
  • Silent aimbot (does not turn your camera, you just shoot and it hit targets in FOV)
    • Bone aiming
    • Targeting: by FOV (cone), cylinder or distance
    • Projectiles lifespan check
    • Target lock
    • Target priority list

  • Teleport vehicle & infantry
  • Teleport to crosshair
  • Aircraft speed Hack
  • Aircraft aimbot world first and exclusive!
  • Vehicle aimbot world first and exclusive!
  • Easy flying mode
    • Brake & acceleration
    • Position hold
    • Aircraft just follows the mouse (like in old games)