• Radar
  • ESP
  • AccelHag
  • FlyHag
  • RaidBot
  • SpaceBot
  • NoFall


  • Show all nearest targets
  • Settings support radar window moving at any part of the screen, color oppacity and size changes
  • You can also setup info, that you want to see on radar, like enemy, friends, npc-s ect


  • Display useful info about players (class, name, hp, etc)
  • Setup display of info exactly as you need, change the color and font type
    You can see it through the walls, now you will know, who's approaching without actualy seeing him


  • Show names of characters, who got you in target
    Run from focus right in time
    Kill most dangerous to you characters before they kill you


  • Set any speed you want
  • Allows to bind different speeds on different hotkeys
  • Immediatly switch off, if needed
  • Setup different speed hotkeys profiles


  • Allows you to fly on any speed.
    Get to all places on the map as fast as possible
  • With flyhack datacrons are now easy and fast.
    Collect +10 datacron solo
  • Too long to circle the mountain? Now you can just fly on it.
    Admire the beauty of planets from the highest places, that you normaly could not reach


  • Bored of piano playing on keyboard? Raid bot will tank/dps for you
  • Support perfect setup
  • Check cooldowns, your mana/energy
  • Renew needed debuffs on target and your own buffs
  • Support various modes of use, like holding one button all the time, pressing button every abbility or just turn it on in console and it keep doing dps
  • In most situations, Raid bot wont be worse, then a good player, in some even better
  • Raid bot only use spells, it dont affect your movements, so you can avoid void zones, and other encounter stuff, that makes it perfect


  • Completly integrated in game, allows you to farm credits/ lvl you characters
  • Supports all missions
  • Change settings for better perfomance
  • Perfectly shoot, got priority targets, that you need to complete missions
  • Shoot and fly better, then any player
  • Joins missions, flys, re-enters if needed
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