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OS support: Windows 10

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Hack for Red Dead Online, RedM and other RDR2 mods

Here comes the next hack by Hags-Club, this time, it's a Red Dead Redemption 2 hack for PC.
Our hacks work great at Red Dead Online and RedM.

RedM hack has the same features as the RDR Online one. We will support the other RP servers like Rage MP when they come out.
The HAG is always characterized by the highest quality, a high degree of security, and protection against automatic in-game bans.

We did a good job and updated our system so that it supports DX12 and does not cause FPS dropdowns.
Thanks to this, the HAG almost does not affect the FPS in the game. This is especially important because RDR2 is already very demanding on your hardware.

Read on to find out what cool features we have prepared for you.

Read dead Online hack

Unlimited ammo and consumables

This is probably the coolest feature in our HAG. Probably it will be fixed sometime, so hurry to use it.

How does it work:

You press the button in the menu, and lo and behold. You have 500 rounds for a rifle, 10 units of food, and full elixirs.
Now you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo or going to the city and healing something.
No more problems, purchase everything you need once and use it as long as you want without wasting any money.

Update: this was fixed

Read dead redemption unlimited ammo


The aimbot hack in Red Dead Redemption is hard to overestimate. The game is pretty hard to shoot. The aimbot will help you win duels and win events.
Anyway, he will help you everywhere, the whole game is about shooting, and you are already a sniper.

In our cheat, you can configure different activation modes for this function.
The aimbot can turn on when the key is held down, or it can be the on-off mode or just constantly active, although it will be inconvenient.
You can set any keys and adjust the sensitivity and range so that the aimbot does not cling to very distant targets.

There is already a hotkey for switching between aiming modes on the head and body in the standard settings. You can easily create your own settings profiles.

New: Aimbot now has a Friends list. Select your friends and enemies, do not aim at your friends anymore.

RDR2 aimbot


You can choose from two types of teleports, a regular teleport and a teleport to a waypoint. I can’t imagine how this game can be played without a teleport, even a single player.

You need to ride a horse for 10 minutes there and back. Our hack will allow you to save a lot of time on movement, just put a mark and teleport there.

It’s better, of course, to do this somewhere close to places where there may be players. Otherwise, you may be noticed.

Read dead online teleport hack

Wallhack and Radar

We could not deprive our hack of these functions. They are always there. You can see where your opponents are through the walls. In Free roam mode, this Wallhack works through the entire map, like the radar.

As always, these functions have many settings: colors, range, transparency, and much more. There’s nothing to tell here. Just look at the screenshots.

New: Showing legendary animals with a separate color. You can create your own filter and find the animals you need right now.

Read dead redemption Wallhack and Radar

Self-healing and horse healing

Our hack allows you to replenish your health to the maximum when you may need it. Having problems with NPCs? Just heal by pressing a hotkey.
You can keep healing while holding the key or immediately heal all incoming damage until you switch off this function.

Successful usage of this function will be to self-heal the first shot at you in PVP and then turn it off so that other players do not suspect something was wrong.

You can also heal your horse if it is getting damage.

Other RDR2 hacks

No recoil + No spread - will make you very accurate, especially with the aimbot
God mode - nobody can kill you, easy missions
Never wanted - NPCs don't pay attention to you
Always wanted - NPCs will always try to capture you
Unlimited stamina - Can sprint as long as you want
Unlimited horse stamina - Your horse can sprint as long as you want

Red dead online hacks

The future of this hack

Red Dead Redemption hacks are a continuation of our GTA5 hack because it is made on the same engine as RDR2.

We really hope that in RDR2 modding platforms such as RedM and RageMP will be developed, on which you can RP cowboys and all that.

HAG will try to support all these modding platforms so that you can enjoy this great game as much as possible outside of the standard modes.
 Cowboy simulator at your service!