Wildstar hacks

Wildstar hack with rotation bot

Wildstar hack will contain radar, esp and many other cool features, which we will be able to find during the hack development for this game.

Features released:
  • Rotation bot. This feature will automaticaly press your skills the way you want.
  • Aimbot
  • Speedhack
  • Jump hack
  • Teleport
  • 2d radar and 3d radar

Why Hags-Club?

From game to game Hags-Club is trying to provide you the best cheats all over the net, and we just can't miss Wildstar, because it is a very promising MMORPG.

Wildstar hack

Our wildstar hacks got updated with rotation bot. What is it, you will ask?
Rotation bot - kind of a script, which perform your DPS rotation, based on you setup.
It can check buffs/debuff/coulddown/stack count. Never fail your rotation again - make a best DPS in raid.
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