Cheating in Titanfall

Titanfall hack is out for you, with perfect wallhack, radar and triggerbot!

You will probably ask, what is Titanfall and why i need a cheat there?
We have here a new and cool shooter, where you can fight as a "Pilot" or inside the mech-warrior called "Titan".
In every online game you need a wallhack, which will show you where are the "red" guys. Ok, we found them, now we need to kill them, that's why we bring you a Triggerbot, it will automaticaly shoot your targets, when you have crosshair on them.

Hack description:


This feature allows you to see enemies through the walls, this feature create squares around every creature you will set it up for.
You also can choise usefull information, which you want to be displayed near squares, like weapon, distance, hp.


This is an advanced version of aim assist. It is like aimbot but better. If aimbot moves your crosshair and make it obvious, that you cheat - Triggerbot do not move your crosshair, it only shoot enemies, where your crosshair is placed the way, when you can kill the target, so you dont need to press "shoot" button, you just move your crosshair and it looks like you re a high skilled player.

Titanfall hack

Current Features:

  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • NPC
  • weapons
  • distance
  • hp
  • Titans
  • Friends
  • Enemies
  • NPC
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