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Thumbs down Something not working? Read this!

Troubleshooting guide

You follow the Registration guide but something goes wrong?
The cheat worked before, but not working now? - Keep reading.

How to solve a problem

Every time something goes wrong - you have some options to get help.
First of all, think about what is actually happening:
  1. You can't log in at the hags client
  2. Hags client crashes
  3. The game closes when you start hags
  4. Hag does not do anything in-game
  5. Can't log in at the Forum
  6. Yesterday, everything worked great, but now it's not!

1) If you can't log in at the hags client - I know 3 reasons for this:
  1. Incorrect information or new HWID? Read this - ERROR: Incorrect Information
  2. Expired? Read this - ERROR: Expired
  3. OK button not working, only Cancel? Read this - Problem: OK button not working

2) If your hags client does not start:
  1. You hear a BEEP when you try to start the client? First of all, make sure to have the launch64.exe in the same folder as its ClientData folder.
    If it's not that, do the steps from this topic - Connection issue
  2. You get the error in the tray saying something like the transport could not reach.? Do the steps from this topic - Connection issue
  3. You get the error in the tray saying that you don't have enough privileges? Make sure to run the launch64.exe as admin. If running as admin does not help, try to determine what is blocking the client from launching.

3) If your game closes when you use the HAG - you need to check the console log and then the article with console errors.
You can also check the log file, read this - Log file

4) If you have correctly started the game and the hag, but you don't see anything - there are the following options:
  1. If your game is Battlefield - you probably forgot to switch your game to the real FULLSCREEN, the borderless window won't help.
  2. If your game is World of Warships - make sure to start the 64bit version of the game. You can do it in the Game Center, press the up arrow near the PLAY NOW button. Also, you can start the game from its folder, using the Worldofwarships64.exe.
  3. The hag does not inject. Here you should check the hags client window.
    Hag should be enabled (there is a checkmark near the hag name, it is there, by default), and there is something in the console log.
  4. Also, make sure to switch off FaceIt anti-cheat and Fraps.

5) If you can't log in at the forum, read the forum login guide - Forum guide. And make sure to wait 30 min from the previous login attempt if you've used all your 5 login attempts, or the timer will restart.

6) There are several reasons why something could have been messed up:
  1. The game had an update, and the HAG was broken after it. It is ok, no need to worry. Usually, HAG is getting updated within 24 hours.

    You can check the update status at the forum section about your game. Usually, I create the topic with the header like "Hag was broken after the update {current date}". You can discuss the update there and can read the details about the hag update status.

    Also, all the news can be found at our social network pages: Facebook, Twitter.
  2. You could have probably installed some new programs, which can cause troubles to the HAG. You can solve these problems using this guide as well.
  3. It can be some Windows update. Your PC might have installed something after the last PC restart. Some updates are not compatible with the HAG. HAG works good, almost always, only with the stable windows update. Insider/Beta updates, most likely, will break the HAG's ability to work correctly, so you don't want to install them. If you already did - uninstall them.
  4. Maybe you broke the config files. This happens. Just download the fresh hags client with the default configs. This will help.

How to report a problem

We would greatly appreciate it if you will try to solve the problem on your own, but if you are stuck and need some help, please report about the problem.

Go to the subscriber's forum of the game you try to play. Check it. Maybe there is another topic about your problem, no need to create the new one about the same problem. If there are no topics about your problem - feel free to create a new one. Make sure to add a detailed description of your problem, including the console log and maybe screenshots.

If you write that you have "the same" problem as the other guy, add your console log and details. Problems might be different.

You can use Contacts aswell.
Hags-Club socials:

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All news and cookies!

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