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Default Some general problems topic

This topic is mostly for me, so I don't forget about the possible errors and solutions.

BEEP on hags client launch

Make sure to extract the whole client to the folder.
Launch64.exe should be near its ClientData.
Also, this could be coz of the windows preview/insider/beta build, check here.
Also, can be a connection captcha issue, should try some "free VPN" (google it).

On Russian:
Я знаю две причины возникновения данной проблемы:

1) Клиент не выгружен весь в одну папку. Launch64.exe должен быть в одной папке со своими configs и ClientData.
2) Проблемы с подключением.
Что можно сделать: Перезагрузить интернет, выключить антивирус/firewall, выключить вообще всё и запускать хаг клиент без других работающих проблем.
Не помогло? Ок, тогда запускать сначала "Бесплатный VPN", а потом хаг клиент.
Где взять VPN - https://easy-gaming.org/articles/hag...esplatnyj-vpn/
DX 10404 error, 7/6 loading or so

It's about windows version, windows preview/insider/beta build, check here. It either very old or too new build.

crash every alt+tab

try change options-controls-tuning-raw mouse input

CS:GO crashing in a few rounds?

suggested him to use csgo in safe mod, in parameters -safe and atm it worked
OLD CS:GO hag version helps

remote network is not reachable by the transport

restart internet or kill anti-virus/firewall or try some "free VPN" (google it)

Hag is running, but not injecting in WOWS
You have to start the 64bit game, not the 32bit one.
You can change it in the game center or just start wows using the Worldofwarships64.exe

CS:GO hag self-closes, CS:GO keeps running, but no overlay, no programs running

test_mud_2.zip client + run the hag after the game helps

Wows hag not starting on win7, critical error

KB2670838 is probably missing

Warships flickering?

Change between fullscreen and windowed modes
Also, you might want to try with the minimal video settings, if this helps - you can return everything back, but keep the water quality, reflections and other things like that at minimum, see if it works this way.


Do not run GTA as administrator

Game crash in some time?

Might be a program "video game wizard logitech", switch it off
It was not the update, It is VOICE_ENABLE 1 It must be VOICE_ENABLE 0 here for the cheat to work... Strange
Razer Cortex might be a problem

CS:GO HAG working in the menu and not working in-game?

One guy has fixed this by means of updating from 1809 to 1903 win10 version.


//Probably coz of the AMD CPU
Wefault.exe is missing

CS:GO crashing in matchmaking
For me it helped to disable voice chat. If you press ` and then type voice_chat 0 in the console. Maybe it'll help. Also like @Hagzor said, turn off every non essential program and maybe also disable Steam Overlay. Overlays and hacks most of the time don't work together very well.
voice_chat 0; voice_enable 0; this really helps

Hags client not starting without any sound and VPN does not help
Maybe user is missing "C:\Windows\System32\WerFault.exe", add it there and it will help.

CS:GO ultimate fix
1) Make sure to use test_mud_3.zip
2) Make sure to switch off all the running programs at your PC before starting the hag and the game
3) Make sure to start the hag after the game

CS:GO audio trouble
-Logged out and logged in back to steam account
-launched CS GO and went to setting>Audio>Restore settings to their defaults
-opened console and entered command voice_enable 1

CS:GO Danger Zone targeting team mates
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