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Hagzor 07-31-2019 04:40 PM

log.txt file
log file

Starting from the test_mud_2, hags client is writing your error codes not only to the <a href="https://hags-club.com/forum/f56/hags-client-console-log-6534/">console log</a>, but also in the file in the hags client folder.

This file is called log.txt. If your game crashes after starting the cheat or with the cheat enabled - check this file. The last error will tell you, why your game crashes.

error code

Ok, you have the error code, that's great. Now go to the <a href="https://hags-club.com/forum/f56/hags-client-%D1%81onsole-errors-6538/">error codes</a> topic, find your error there and read the solution.

If there is no such error in the list - make sure to contact us using the <a href="https://hags-club.com/contact/">Contacts</a>, we will help.

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