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Default ERROR: Incorrect Information or new HWID

Incorrect information or new HWID

There are 2 possible reasons that can cause this error:
  • Wrong e-mail + password
  • HWID is not registered
No other things can cause this, just those 2 options.

hags club incorrect information


1) Check if you use the correct e-mail + password.
Write them in again to eliminate the typos.
You need the ones you use at the Authorization

2) You need to register your HWID, it might have changed or you didn't do it at all.
To register HWID go to Authorization - https://hags-club.com/auth.php.

hags club incorrect information

Right-click the HWID line and press copy.

hags club incorrect information

Now paste the HWID in the field and click Register and it's done!

hags club incorrect information
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