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Default Beginner's guide: How to buy and what to buy

Which subscription to buy?

When you get to the shop page first it might look a little bit confusing.
In this article i will explain in detailes what to buy and why.

hags club shop

Here you can see a general prices overview three subscription plans, let's discuss them.

Single hack:
This method is yours when you want hack for just one game, you will not have access to any others and you will not be able to upgrade to any package, but you can buy package later and your time will just summ, so it will not dissapear anyway.

Small pack:
We allso call it MMORPG pack and FPS pack, that's because buying this pack you can select later on, what you want, all currently active (and the future ones) shooter games or all MMORPG games.
At the moment of article creating list looks like that and Black Desert will be added soon to MMORPG:

hags-club small pack games

All hacks:

hags club all hacks pack

This one is the ultimate choise, you receive all our current hacks and all new hacks + you get early access to the new hack if we implement early access.

Subscription duration

If you will check the prices then you will see, that as more time you buy - the cheaper per month it costs to you.
For all subscription types:
  • 1 month - no discount
  • 3 months - 10% discount
  • 6 months - 25% discount
  • 12 months - 40% discount

Yearly - best price.

Payment methods

Currently we accept:
  • Paypal
  • Qiwi
  • Skrill
  • Yandex
  • Webmoney

Paypal and Qiwi are automatic on the web-site, just type the details in the form at the shop page and press Continue.

hags-club payment methods

If you need other payment methods - contact us in Skype or Facebook or any other way, details you can find in Contact tab on the web-site.
Hags-Club socials:

Facebook | Twitter | Вконтакте

All news and cookies!

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