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Default World of Warships (Personal opinion)

Hello, (First: im rly sorry about my bad English)
I would like to write down my opinion about the "hack" here.

First I would like to say that I was a huge fan of World of Warships.
I play the game for a very long time without any tools.

Unfortunately the game tends to be so bad that it's just not fun anymore, because of many factors. So I checked the internet to find out what tools are available to look through fog and so on.

This is how I came across hags-club. Well, as it is, I wanted to test the whole thing first and see what it brings and if it has any use. Because if we are honest, after a while you don't need "aim-help" anymore, because you know your ship and you can estimate it well.

Well, nevertheless, I have looked at the whole time and of course I hit it full, I leave everything active what the "hack" offers me. At the beginning I was a bit overstrained with all the lines - strokes here and there. But it's kind of funny when you see where all the bullets hit, and from where.

But let's come to the "Aim - Help".

First of all, I think it's good that the "Hack" recognizes in which ship I'm travelling and thus sets the basic requirements. Now as I have taken from the forum these are "experience values" of users.
This has also been shown quickly that if you have a slightly different game you have to do something yourself to correct the values and these times plus times minus. This is exactly how it looks like when the ships are angled, the aim-point stays the same on its line, but as a player you have to aim a little bit higher or lower than the point indicates.

Well you always have a direction, and for less experienced players this is a very valuable help. Experienced players may be more likely to recognize it by the "invisible" points function. That is, if someone shoots out of the fog you can see where they are sitting and it is basically a very easy game to hit them.

But it is important that you don't always rely on the "aim-point" completely, but still think about whether the whole thing fits. The otherwise one annoys himself only that one makes little dmg for example.

All in all I can only say:
Hags-Club is a very, very good tool and it's fun to polish the values so that they are optimal for you. Just as the additional functions are a valuable help to improve yourself even for later without the tool.

Later i will send some Pictures and more.
And now hf fun and hit them hard.

Last 3 Rounds Yamato
Bot.mul 1.15 // Bot.z 0.00 -> Range Fights 15km to 22km // Straight to Aim-point
Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

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sorry why is this in an open forum section wenn it shud be hidden?
all the innfo on about the haggis shoudend be open to publlic... my thorts!
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Why it should be hidden? It is supposed to help new customers to read the review and make a right decision.
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