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Default My research upon using this hacks. (CS:GO hack)

I've tested many cheats our there including aimware and others.
and let me tell you something, the chances of getting VAC banned with this hack is pretty low.
I've tested this cheat since 2016 on multiple accounts and ONLY ONE ACCOUNT has been VAC banned.

I will be explaining how I played on each of these accounts.
Account one: A little blatant played every day 10+ matches a day with friends and strangers 3 months later Overwatch banned.
Account two: Wasn't blatant and obvious played with friends and was cautious and acted legit and trigger bot only with max distance ESP and radar to know where the enemy is, with over 80+ wins on that account, it wasn't vac banned it got banned for GRIEFING which was quite interesting to the number of times I've shot people and such and troll while cheating but still didn't expect a GRIEFING ban.
Account three : This account has been played over for a period of 6+ months with over 250+ wins. The goal of this was to play 1-3 games a day and trigger bot and walls and as legit as possible, and to this day it hasn't been banned.
Account four: was to play every day and be cautious and no griefing whatsoever, within a month from gold nova 4 I've reached LEM, because if it's a lose its a lose I don't rage and go blatant had to hold my composure. Eventually, this account became my main account and it was never on cheats again. To this day still no ban.
Account Five: Random Testing and plays and just trigger bot and being "legit" Didn't get me banned.

Hags HVH: Was quite interesting considering if you know where to position yourself and aim, you can beat the majority of spinbotters and ragers out there even when they have Anti-aim for whatever reason, the trigger bot on hags doesn't fall for it, or maybe just my settings. Perhaps.

Aimware: tried legit hacking like hags but detected and vac in 2 weeks.

p.s - some of you may be saying "but that's only 2 cheats" Well Frankly enough I didn't want to waste my time typing things up for obvious reasons such as the fact that the other cheats that I have used all ended up getting vac banned nonetheless on however I played it safe or not safe still vac banned.

List of cheats I've tested on multiple accounts with different variables.
Aimware/ 420cheats / Redeyecheats / Darkaim / lethality/ Insanity cheats / Ezfrags.

To my conclusion, Overwatch isn't much of a problem if you know when and where to not look and be obvious just accept the loses and not throw yourself out there but at the same time be aware of the gameplay and situation.

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