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Default Battlefield 1

This is a very basic review of the Battlefield 1 hack, the following points show why you should choose Hags-Club over anyone else.
  • Superior aimbot; this aimbot is more tailered towards legit players (don't get me wrong you can still rage). The aimbot has true silent aim so it cannot be seen by specators. Also included by default is random bone aim which throws off FairFight from picking up on bone detection.
  • ESP; The ESP is 100% customizable to your liking and can be used legit. The settings allows you to turn on ESP only when a player is visible, which in turn stops wall tracing (which we all tend to do) it simply allows the enemy to stand out in dark environments so you can eliminate them before they get you.
  • SECURITY; By far this is the most secure site for a BF1 tool. No one has been ever detected by in house anti-cheats, if a player was banned it was due to lack of respect for the stat tracker based anti-cheat known as FairFight.

Conclusion; You will not find a superior/cheaper tool on the internet for $10, PERIOD.

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