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Originally Posted by Sapiens View Post

Translated for your pleasure:

20:41 / September 8, 2021
Operatives of the "K" department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case against two sites selling cheats for World of Tanks.

Department "K" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to initiate criminal proceedings against the sites CyberTank / CyberShip and Hagz. The first sold a bot for the game World of Tanks, the second was engaged in the implementation of standard cheat codes to simplify the passage of computer games. This is reported by the Telegram channel Baza.

It is noted that police officers conducted a test purchase and found out that the programs being sold are harmful. Website authors face up to five years in prison under the article "Creation, use and distribution of harmful computer programs."

Representatives of the CyberTank website noted that the project will soon cease its activities, but Hagz said that the provision of services has been discontinued for a while. There is a chance that the site owners will move it to another site.
This is public news now
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