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Originally Posted by Schnuck1893 View Post
Nice that you have sucked where you can buy the cheat (Hag). I want to know when it will work again ??? I have paid for months, the target aid has not worked for 3 weeks. Nothing came except stupid comments. I've tried everything that is described on the page as a solution, but nothing works.
So, if someone has a sensible suggestion, it should be communicated, preferably in German, unfortunately my English is not that good, so I use the Google translator. The Hag version 5.5.6 may not be the latest, it was available before the last update. Where can I find a newer version ???. It is a shame that the seller and the operator of the Hags Club site respond to inquiries. It's probably just about cashing. Sorry, that's how it looks!
Idiot !!!
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