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eag711 has a little shameless behaviour in the past


Look at WallHax and Warpack, both use similar software and target the same games as hags. Also, both direct you to the same payment sites as hags does. Make no mistake, ALL these sites are owned by the same group, HAGS isn't gone, they just abruptly stopped service to the site with the least volume of income, and also the software that has tons of problems and is not even remotely worth fixing. Since they all target the same games, this is a monopoly, which is why there wasn't a warning or anything, just because the company ends, doesn't mean the industry ends, just look at how many people found these other sites within a few days and even had subscriptions, HAGS is moving the volume here to an area with greater volume, to obviously equal more volume, and as we see, a higher price, this being the cheapest service out of the bunch, probably had a huge role to deciding which site goes. There just isn't enough business at this site, and the little business they do have, is constantly having issues that they constantly have to fix. Keep in mind HAGZOR does not make decisions like these, he is here for support and sales, he has personally told me this in a message a few months back. HAGS is dead, but HAGZOR is alive and well, and for those who already have a sub at the other sites, you've probably talked to him.
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