World of Warships hack

Our aim assist hack is ready to be purchased!

English page - World of Warships aim assist
Russian page - Точка упреждения World of Warships

wildstar: reloaded

wildstar: reloaded reloaded

Star Wars Battlefront

Yo yo fellas, announcing, that Hags-Club will support Star Wars battlefront ;)

Star Wars Battlefront hack page!

Until it comes out - play with our Battlefield 4 aimbot, deadly and safe.

Fresh video of Planetside 2 hack

Check it out, Psychopath has made a nice fresh video of our planetside 2 hacks

Planetside 2 hack is back!

You ve been waiting for it so long and now it is real!

Planetside 2 aimbot from Hags-Club is back to EU/NA servers.
Works with Windows 10.

Now we have even better features, such Silent aimbot. It does not turn your camera, you just move crosshair to the needed enemy, hold the aim key and just press Shoot, it will hit target in your FOV, so you look legit, even if you stream!

Availible in "All hacks" pack, later will come for single hack purchase.

Windows 10 tweaks

for premature nubs:
для скорострелов:

Darkfall radar

Dogmatt received some necromastery books lately and ressurected Darkfall hack.

Right now it is working, has a good radar/esp and you can get it!
Darkfall devs promised game update this week, so you can rush in using our tool.

Hack page - darkfall radar

Hack for GTA 5

Announcing hack for GTA 5 by Hags-Club

We plan to make some shiny ESP and deadly aimbot for this game **
Stay tuned and join us.

Hack page - GTA 5 aimbot

** feature list is an example and might change in future