Teso hack released

Today Hags-Club is glad to say, that our hack for The Elder Scrolls Online is out!

Feature list:

  • Enemies
  • Friends
  • Objects

Wallhack (ESP)
  • Enemies
  • Friends
  • NPC
  • Objects

Options - name, health, distance.

Official page of - TESO hack

TESO hack

Ta-da-da-dam, Hags-Club is announcing the TESO HAG.
We will support this game and there will be hagz

Hag page - http://hags-club.com/hag/106/teso-hack-radar

Also advertised at Epvp

Titanfall hack

Hey-hey fellas.
Happy to announce, that Titanfall hack from Hags-Club is out!

Read more about the hack - http://hags-club.com/hag/100/titanfall-hack-triggerbot

Чит для Archeage

Доброго времени суток всем!

Команда Hags-Club рада сообщить вам, что через пару дней после релиза ОБТ Archeage, в продажу поступит наш чит.

Чит вышел!

  • радар персонажей
  • радар NPC
  • радар ресурсов
  • радар активных объектов
  • Wallhack персонажей
  • Wallhack NPC
  • Wallhack ресурсов
  • Wallhack активных объектов
  • Отключение урона при падении

Видео - после релиза.

Подробнее о чите для Archeage

New subscription system

Next week hags-club will switch to a new subsciption system.

We decided to divide subscription for different hags, so we can control them in a better way and after long discussions we decided, that we need to increase our prices abit.

All current subscriptions will stay active with access for all hags, till they expire!

There will be different plans:

Single hag:
  • 1 month - 1000 points ( 10 usd )
  • 3 months - 2700 points ( 27 usd )
  • 6 months - 4500 points ( 45 usd )
  • 12 months - 7200 points ( 72 usd )

Mmorpg hags ( AoC, GW2, TSW, SWTOR):
  • 1 month - 1500 points ( 15 usd )
  • 3 months - 4000 points ( 40 usd )
  • 6 months - 6500 points ( 65 usd )
  • 12 months - 10500 points ( 105 usd )

FPS hags ( PS2, APB, BF4, Firefall):
  • 1 month - 1500 points ( 15 usd )
  • 3 months - 4000 points ( 40 usd )
  • 6 months - 6500 points ( 65 usd )
  • 12 months - 10500 points ( 105 usd )

All hags package + early access for new ones:

1 month - 2000 points ( 20 usd )
3 months - 5500 points ( 55 usd )
6 months - 9000 points ( 90 usd )
12 months - 15000 points ( 150 usd )

You still have time to get "old style" subs, dont miss it.

Battlefield 4 hack released

Hello guys, after long time of waiting we are finaly ready to introduce you a first version of our Battlefield 4 hack

There is no aimbot for battlefield 4 from us (we ll add it soon™), but you don't realy need it, because you want to stay unbanned, right?

Our hack is Punkbuster secure
That means, the you wont get spotted by sreenshot or any other punkbuster tool.

Current features: (we will keep updating it, ofc)

  • ESP vehicles:
  • No spread
  • No recoil

and many others, after some research i can truly tell you, that we got the most advanced ESP right now, Enjoy!


Dont forget to like us at:

and leave some reviews at Testimonials

Battlefield 4 hack

Hags-club is glad to announce, that we will be supporting Battlefield 4!

We will be releasing things feature by feature as soon as we develop them.

More info about upcomming hack is here - Battlefield 4 hack

Firefall hack release

Hello guys, today i want to present you our Firefall hack, that Dogmatt kindly made for ur at hags-club.com

Here is the video of the hack:

  • Aimbot:
    • Smooth aiming
    • Bone based
    • Prediction
    • Gravity compensation
  • no spread
  • Esp: players & mobs
    • dist
    • health
    • name
    • bounds
    • skeleton
  • 2D Radar
  • Work with windowed and fullscreen modes
  • Supports unlimited amount of config files , setup your hag in any way you want and change profiles only with a couple of clicks
  • Setup any features on any hotkeys
  • Create simple macros, without using other software
  • Support huge amount of fonts, which can be changed at any time right in game

About the game:

Firefall is MMORPG from Red 5 Studios. It is currently in its open beta and it is mixing elements of MMORPG and MMOFPS games.
Firefall shows us both a huge, open-world co-op gameplay that contains hundreds of other players as well as a pvp multiplayer, that will contain features like skill rating, tournaments, guild and leagues.

In Firefall players can recieve gear and level up to fight more effective. The guilds are called armies, which give their members some bonuses and abilities. For example, the Thumper, is a mining drill which gives a play of an army the abbility to gather crystite from ground. Some areas are better for mining then others, you need to find it. As soon as a thumper is deployed it will get attacked by mobs. This was one of a few demonstrated examples of the events or types of gameplay players will experience. But the greatest fun in this game can only be achieved using our aimbot.

Firefall hack will help you to be more deadly ingame. Our high accurate aimbot will help you to hit with most of your shots, to it will highly increase you dps. Thumping alone is not a problem now. Finish every mission solo, aimbot just makes it easy and efficient, making it a best way to get fun from Firefall.

How to get it?

You can buy points in our shop and don't forget to read Registation Guide.

Availible in BASIC subscription.

Planetside 2 чит для 4game | RU

Planetside 2 чит от Hags-Club на русских серверах уже в деле!

Updated 27.09.2013 - Перезапуск.

Команда Hags-Club рада сообщить вам, что самый функциональный чит для Planetside 2 уже работает на тестовом русском сервере, от компании Иннова, они же 4game!

Функционал польностью сохранен!

Поспешите подписаться на наш чит, Planetside 2 hag, и уже сегодня начать рвать на клочки свежее мясо на русских серверах, занимайте самые высокие позиции в лидербордах и не упускайте ни одного фрага! В этом вам поможет наш самый точный аимбот! Вы всегда будете знать, где ваши враги, про помощи wallhack -a!
Все чудесные возможности перечислены ниже.

Для обладателей базовой подписки доступны:
  • 2D радар
  • Esp: Игроки (расстояние, здоровье, имя, bounds)
  • Esp: Техника
  • Отключение отдачи
  • Отключение разброса (no spread) <- new
  • Проверка дальности - Аимбот не будет выделять цели, до которых не долетит ваш снаряд
  • Отключение дыхания - не трясет камеру в режиме снайпера
  • Wallhack показывает мины и гранаты
  • Аимбот
  • Предсказание движения
  • Компенсация гравитации
  • Наведение по костям
  • Медленное наведение

А для счастливых обладателей расширенной подписки (ps2 pack):
  • Телепорт техники
  • Телепорт пехоты
  • Телепорт к прицелу
  • Автонаведение техники
  • Автонаведение самолетов
  • Облегченное управление
  • Зависание (with a hotkey, toggle/hold)
  • Speed Hack техники (with a hotkey, toggle/hold)
  • Наведение танков
  • Наведение турелек
  • Компенсация (Bullet speed and gravity compensation)
  • Способы наведения (Угол обзора, расстояние до цели)
  • Привязка к цели
  • отключение разброса
  • мгновенные выстрелы


  • 1000 поинтов - 300р
  • 1 месяц - 1000 поинтов
  • 3 месяца - 2700 поинтов
  • 6 месяцев - 4500 поинтов
  • 12 месяцев - 7200 поинтов
  • Дает доступ ко всем имеющимся ХАГ-ам на Hags-Club

Ps2 Pack:
  • Дополнение к Хаг-у в Planetside 2
  • покупается на месяц, при активной базовой подписке
  • 2000 поинтов в месяц + базовая подписка
  • (в сумме 3000 поинтов в месяц, если базовая тоже помесячно)

Видео демонстрация возможностей на самолете, при использовании Ps2 pack -> http://www.twitch.tv/eldaen/b/343937646

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