Hack for GTA 5

Announcing hack for GTA 5 by Hags-Club

We plan to make some shiny ESP and deadly aimbot for this game **
Stay tuned and join us.

Hack page - GTA 5 aimbot

** feature list is an example and might change in future

Hack for Bfh

Here we go, hack for Battlefield Hardline

check the page of the Battlefield hardline hack

Hack for CS GO

Hack for CS GO released!
It will be added to FPS hacks pack, all hacks pack and will be availible for single purchase very soon

Check it's page - CS GO hack

Battlefield Hardline

Hello everybody, today we release our hack for Battlefield Hardline

It will contain all the same features as our Battlefield 4 hacks

Read more about our Battlefield Hardline hacks

Hack for Wildstar

Hags-Club is announcing Wildstar hack

As always - we will try to make a most advanced and usable tool for your gameplay.

All Hags-Club users already know, that they will get.
If you re here for the first time, check out Reviews about Hags-Club and our hacks.

Added teleport and rotation bot

More info - Wildstar hack

Teso hack released

Today Hags-Club is glad to say, that our hack for The Elder Scrolls Online is out!

Feature list:

  • Enemies
  • Friends
  • Objects

Wallhack (ESP)
  • Enemies
  • Friends
  • NPC
  • Objects

Options - name, health, distance.

Official page of - TESO hack

TESO hack

Ta-da-da-dam, Hags-Club is announcing the TESO HAG.
We will support this game and there will be hagz

Hag page - ESO hack

Also advertised at Epvp

Titanfall hack

Hey-hey fellas.
Happy to announce, that Titanfall hack from Hags-Club is out!

Read more about the hack - http://hags-club.com/hag/100/titanfall-hack-triggerbot