BF1 hag

Here is the fresh video of our BF1 aimbot, check it out if you want to know how our hack works.

Battlefield 1 hack

Hey guys, we all were waiting for a new hag and today we announce it officially!
Hags-Club will support Battlefield one, so we will see the Battlefield one hack.

We will see all features from the previous hags in Battlefield series, such as Silent aimbot, ESP (wallhack) and many other cool stuff, don't forget the engine and configs system.

Hag page - Battlefield 1 hack

Black Desert hag [RIP]

Black Desert Online hag is RIP ready to be used with many great features!
27 jul 2018

BDO hag

CS:GO hag is back

Hags Club cs go hack

CS GO hack is back after the year of slacking!

Right now it is ON for testings, i will giveaway 15-20 2 weeks of CS:GO packs, comment this news thread to get the access then pm me (hagzor) your e-mail, so i can add it to your account.
Giveaway is over

see you around and have fun
If you missed free access - feel free to buy your cs:go sub in the shop

FPS pack and All hacks pack users already have access, just download new cs go client in downloads H3E section.

CS GO hack currently have:
  • Box ESP
  • Bounding box ESP
  • Visibility checks
  • Lazors
  • Radar with cool paths (you see how enemy moved)
  • Triggerbot

Cs go hack

All features configurable and easy to use.
Not tested in matchmaking or any leagues, so up to you, we would like if somebody will test it!

Default settings:

mouse5 - triggerbot toggle
mouse4 - hold to activate triggerbot
alt - hold to activate triggerbot
escape then insert - menu key

wildstar: reloaded

wildstar: reloaded reloaded

Star Wars Battlefront

Yo yo fellas, announcing, that Hags-Club will support Star Wars battlefront
Until it comes out - play with our Battlefield 4 aimbot. Fast™, dedly™ and safe.

Star Wars Battlefront hag page!

Fresh video of Planetside 2 hack

Check it out, Psychopath has made a nice fresh video of our planetside 2 hacks

Planetside 2 hag is back!

You ve been waiting for it so long and now it is real!

Planetside 2 aimbot from Hags-Club is back to EU/NA servers.
Works with Windows 10.

Now we have even better features, such Silent aimbot. It does not turn your camera, you just move crosshair to the needed enemy, hold the aim key and just press Shoot, it will hit target in your FOV, so you look legit, even if you stream!

Availible in "All hags" pack, later will come for single hag purchase.