Battlefield 4 hack
Up to date:09.03.2017

OS support:Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Battlefield 4 hack with SILENT BF4 aimbot

Battlefield 4 hack is on the way to you, with high accurate bf4 aimbot and many other cool features!

Status: Undetected
Battlefield 4 is alive and is not going to die, so we updated our hack to have the silent aimbot, this is a very stong and safe feature, it does not turn your campera, but bullets hit where you want, so beware battlefield 4, hags-club is comming!


Hate getting snuck up on and knifed in the back by some coward who couldn’t even beat you in a fair gunfight? Good! We’ve got just what you need with our HAG based ESP!
See those lesser mortals through walls, other people, inside helicopters, on the toilet, or even in their very own basement!
You too can stab 37 people in a row without threat to your own personal giblets being spilled on the Battlefield of Forever Alo….err Battlefield 4!
All these cool things you'll be able to do, using our cheat.

battlefield 4 hack

BF4 Aimbot

Not as fast as some of these other no-life having kids who will probably, or already do, play Battlefield 4 every waking hour of the day each week?
No problem here friend! We’ve got just what you need with the most secure Aimbot on the market!

Don’t care about getting caught, and all you want to do is make little pathetic children cry? We’ve got that too!
Easily massacre the entire server within minutes of activating your Aimbot.
Point, click, everything is now on fire!

Punkbuster secure

Quite literally, the Battlefield 4 team would be forced to scan every process on your PC, which is illegal btw, in order to catch you automatically.
This means that the absolute only method to be caught using HAGs is by manual detection methods only.
This is primarily due to how HAGs is written, and interacts with processes on your PC.
This is quite literally the most advanced anti-detection system on the market hands down.
Don’t believe us? Well, I hear some of the OTHER sites have no problems at all with your business as you get caught,
whine on their forums, and THEN they change their program’s signature after-the-fact to hide it once more from those pathetic cretins at Punkbuster and/or VAC!
Either way, you’ve got choices friend! Most advanced security method, called Driver protection, dont leave any chances to those weak anti-cheats. Battlefield would be on fire!

battlefield 4 aimbot

Additional Features

  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Vehicle Aimbot (post-release)
  • Radar
 Pew pew pew