GTA 5 FiveM & RageMP hack
Version:Latest patch

OS support:Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Rage MP and FiveM hack, aimbot and other cheats

Rage MP and Five M hack

Rage MP and Five M are still a very popular thing, it's been already some time since it's out and our hack is still here.
Our cheats are making this game fun for already 3 years, you should try too!

Undetected FiveM, RageMP, Alt V and the others

New feature - teleport into the car
You can teleport and drive any car using the HAG. Police car, bus, anything.
Watch the video and have fun!

Fly hack for a character
You can fly like a GM or better at any speed. We have a video showing the new Rage MP fly hack here.

Ninja teleport was added
You can teleport to your mouse position now, any roof is yours in a second. You can go through the walls as well!
Check the video!

Smooth aimbot was added
You can now configure the smoothness of the aimbot snaps. More legit features in the HAG!
Check the video!

New feature 04/28/2020:
Friends list was added to the HAG. Now you can add your friends in the HAG and the aimbot won't target them and they will have a separate color that you can configure.

New feature 04/18/2020:
Armor restoration, you now can restore your armor using the HAG. Enemies do not see your armor bars and it is a very good thing to add some durability to your character.

New feature:
Teleport to Waypoint, you can use the menu for it to make or just hit the hotkeys and you're where you want to be.

Five M Aimbot

Not very good at shooting? No problems, me too, but when you have the aimbot - it's not a problem anymore. Check out the video and you will see how useful it is. You don't have to concentrate on shooting too much. You just do your business and you are always good at it, no matter what.

Aimbot features

Our cheat has many settings for the aimbot, let me describe them below.

Our Five M aimbot has several activation methods. You can make it work while you hold some hotkey, which you can always change. You can use a toggle hotkey, for example, you press is one - aimbot is enabled, you press it again - aimbot is disabled.

Aimbot can react at the nearest target to you or at the target, that is close to your crosshair, also know as FOV mode. You can set the priority, where the hack will be aiming, it can be the head, the body, or any other part of the enemy.
You can make the aimbot jump on the next target automatically when the current one dies.

New: We've recently added Friends list feature for the aimbot. You can add friends that will be ignored by the AImbot and Enemies that will be highlighted.


Our hack has the wallhack feature which means, that you can see through the walls. This gives you a great advantage because you are always ready for the attack.
You can customize all the info and colors you want to see. Changing the colors are very easy, you just set the one you want in the in-game menu, that's it. Check and Uncheck the wallhack features within the seconds, don't waste your time, just play and have fun.

FiveM hacks


Teleport hack was recently added. Not much to explain here, you can teleport anywhere on the map within the location you are at. This awesome feature can save you a lot of time when you want to get somewhere faster. No need to drive through the whole city. You can easily farm some money using this. Faster missions - faster money.

Other hacks

We have many other features, it's not just an Aimbot and Wallhack, we have some more:

  • No recoil + No spread - will make you very accurate, especially with the aimbot
  • God mode - nobody can kill you, easy missions
  • Self-healing - you can die, however, it will be way harder with this feature enabled
  • Never wanted - the cops does not care about you
  • Always wanted - the cops will always try to get you
  • Perfect car handling - no drifting, easy turns, drive like the F1 pilot
  • More speed - your car will be driving way faster
  • Car godmode - your car will be invincible

Those features are quite dangerous, so make sure to use them at your own risk.

Useful stuff

You can do streams using our cheat, your stream will be clean, but you will be seeing the cheat overlay, some people really love this.
Advanced scripts system, you can create any custom logic for the features.

We support FiveM servers

HAG is working at the official Rockstar Games and at the FiveM servers. You can play the modded game with our hag, it is real now! FiveM offers thousands of different servers where you can find almost anything you might want from this game.

Works at the RageMP

There is also a RageMP hack because it can be used normally at those servers. Hag will be fully functional at any of the RageMP servers and you can get your fun anywhere at any platform!

Alt V - no problems

Wanna play at the new platform Alt V? Hag is working correctly there, feel free to purchase and have fun.
Our hack will help you having fun at Alt V servers.
 Rockstar rocks!