CS GO hack
Status:Up to date

OS support:Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
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CS GO hack aimbot tiggerbot ESP

CS GO hack

UPD: CS:GO hack is now ready for Danger Zone.

Looking for a good hack for cs go? You re in the right place!
If you need a safe cheat with all needed features and low ammount of users - hags-club.com can offer that to you.
Advanced hacks launcher, encrypted and protected. Not many players using the hack - less ban chance.

Our csgo hack is undetected by VAC and FaceIt server-sided anti-cheat (not the client), so you can have a lot of fun and stay safe, especially if you play smart.

Current features:

CS:GO hag triggerbot

Triggerbot - very stable and accurate triggerbot, which counts the hit chance for many frames ahead.
Activation can be done with toggle and hold modes, all keys are editable, of course.
Currently there is no any special modes for it, but we plan to add Trigger activation random delay and burstfire mode.


ESP (wallhack) - Beatiful ESP with 3D box and bounding boxes, can display all needed info such as HP, Armor, Weapon and especially lazors, which will show where your enemy is looking, has alot of settings and abbility to change colors, opacity and more.
Esp is also known as a wallhack, so you know.

CS GO hack Radar

Radar - ESP is not legit enough in your opinnion? Use radar, so you can see enemys in general, but you will not lead them with crosshair through the walls, you always want to do it, even if you understand, that it is obvious, if somebody will watch you.
Has noise paths, so you can see, where enemys are moving.

Aimbot - aim assisting system currently in development, planning cool and very smooth aimbot, which will be useable with trigger and burstfire system

RSC - in development aswell.

Creating a very legit and safe CS:GO hag is not easy, but we are working hard to make your gameplay easy and smooth, so you can climb the ladder and do whatever you want.

Some of you would probably like to ask: who are those guys at Hags-Club?
The answer is, that we are making cool paid hacks since 2012, they are not private, but the detection rate is very-very low, for example, our product for Battlefield 4 never been detected for more then a two years now.
 VACations delayed