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Originally Posted by ShotPop View Post
Hey All,

in multiple games I have already found static addresses (clips, Ammo, Player XYZ, Mouse XY, etc etc), however, it takes forever to search for each one individually. I want to find my PlayerBase and EntityList using CE Dissect Data|Structure feature so they will all be in one spot nice and neat and watch for changes.

Anyone have information to point me in the right direction to find PlayerBase using the CE Dissect data|strucutre? I dont know if I am plugging in the right address or what I am doing wrong.

Thanks all in advance!
This is the only thing keeping me from making nub-scrub Radarz for games that are not supported by HAGs (or supported *Yet).

My issue is finding the playerBase, and then finding the identity list to loop through for a basic radar/aimbotzors.

Everyone that I ask says to find the PlayerBase by finding your hp, and then look further up 4bytes at a time. However, that's all they say, and give no hints or details otherwise.

Additionally, many games are obfuscating their shit so pointerScan & memory "walking" in order to backtrace the base pointer is sometimes impossible if you don't know more than that.

I ask: "How does one find the base pointer if PointerScan doesn't work, and backtracing by hand ends in "dead end" pointers?".

The only answer I get is "Learn C# or C++". The two are disconnected, one is actually finding the memory location, and then the other is constructing stuff with C#/C++ or manipulating that memory with C#/C++.

So, if you find out let me know too lol.
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