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Originally Posted by WhiteTiger View Post
Ah alright then, no problem.

You could always get someone in who can?
That'd be me .

While I can understand your frustration over "unprofessional staff" I should point out that this is a site that provides a "Tool" for which you use to hack/cheat/exploit at an Online game.

This means that you should expect going in that there is a certain mentality that will exist whether it be on the staff here or in the community at large that we host.

I'd also like to point out that this is essentially an operation being run by two friends who decided to make money off of the fact that they can provide an industry leading product (hacking industry) both in terms of quality, security, features, and a higher margin of safety from being banned.

As always there is no guarantee since the eyes are the best tools for catching hackers. However, we are by far the "Safest" product on the market.

If the attitudes of Dogmatt & Eldaen is what kept you from purchasing there's nothing that can be done. I personally enjoy their attitudes towards gaming and people alike whom come here. It's one of the reasons I have a 12month sub .

I hope you reconsider,

ps: Also please consider the fact that both Eldaen & Dogmatt read posts from people whom can barely spell their own names let alone read bolded, sometimes even colored, FAQ's about issues/errors/etc that are repeated in posts constantly, on a daily basis, and answered within an acceptable timeframe without going "GTFO NOOB!" .
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