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OmegaOne has a little shameless behaviour in the past


Originally Posted by MrTiger View Post
Mother of god. I love it when someone that has no idea talks just to talk.

If you honestly think those two are the only ways of discovering a hack I'm really wasting my breath and time.

I did it as a favor, pointing out easy fixes and weaknesses. If you want to be an ostrich with yer head stuck in the ground go ahead.

Taking things out of context and replying with nonsensical bullshit is just the a-typical annoying kissass retard.

First of all - PunkBuster is not a threat, unless yer retarded. Ways of bypassing the debugging func, ss func and kick func and even replacing the GID are widely available.

However, detecting this hack is easy. Want to know how? Sure I'll let you know as a proof of concept.

First of all the config writes to a certain mapfolder, not hard to check or see the writing happen or monitor for it.

Theirs a full load of files that remain on the computer how hard is it to check the MD5/hash/CRC32-signature? Not hard at all.

Monitor which engine functions are being called - profit.

It runs in ring3 - very easy to detect.

I checked around the driverprotection, not to tamper just to see what I could get from it without triggering anything - it's not rootkit level. Which basically makes it null and void.

Theirs a whole more to detecting hacks then

1.) Detect signature strings/injection points
2.) Detect modified memory

you know tiger you are lucky, if you went to X22 or AA with this bull shit they would have just banned you i am sure you have some valid points but planetside 2 is free to play, so like i have said before it matters not. even if you do get detected and banned you can just make a new account. its really simple

also use of the word Scrub makes you sound like a stupid kid. if you do not like hags then leave. i will be glad to pay for your share of the hacks
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