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Originally Posted by dogmatt View Post
ofc it will x)
atm current hag engine is most protected shit ever made

but main problem still spectators, so why the fcuk i need to analyze alien anticheats if peeps will be banned by GMs, not by software
Most protected shit ever made..... Really?

Never said you need to analyze any anticheat, I simply said easy ways of detecting the current cheat that you have made. Which kind of shows it is not the most "protected shit ever made".

Anything is just as strong as it's weakest link. It is easy as hell to look for CRC32/MD5/HASH-signatures and mark a person as a user of the hack or not.

Oh yeah, so you block GetBlt and see when it's pushing for the function.. So yeah - if they add GetPixel yer just as far. Banwave.

But yeah - sure. Most protected shit ever made. Good to see that you can take constructive critique.
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