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Originally Posted by dogmatt View Post
public hl2hook was vac proof for 2 years (after that i just become bored & removed security)
royalhack still vac proof since 2005
bfbc2/bf3/apb hag still pb proof since release
and ~10 years ago shit to avoid cheating-death was made, it was named "deep hookenz", still alive

probably soe have no chance with their omgdetection team
spectating GMs ftw ofc, but how many GMs they have?
VAC has been shit since day one and CD was just write to avoid the engine call check.

I would imagine instead of getting defensive and taking suggestions that points out flaws and weaknesses that easily can be exploited I'd take it with open arms. Instead of living on "glory" of making a hack VAC/CD proof. Better to improve then risk anything. But I guess thats the difference between these communities. The ones I've frequented demand highest security - due to prizemoney, leagueplay and scrutinizing anticheats.
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