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Originally Posted by Eldaen View Post
I am not really convinced to be honest. The video "jumps" on several occasions so to me this looks like a bad video-shop. Example 1: At 0:28 the video is fast forwarded by about 1 second to make it appear like he has super fast aim - the "unsprint - aim" animation is faster than normal. Example 2 - 1:05 it skips frames when he shoots the second guy. This sort of tries to "prove" the aimbot, however everything else jumps as well, meaning what really happened was the player aimed at the head of the second soldier and this 1-2 seconds was cut out of the video to make it look "unreal".

Right now it looks really fishy, seems more like a scam to me and not an actual aimbot.

/e That's not to say somebody shouldn't look into this. The poor editing skills (Skype popup in the background) could also be the reasons.
y u no aim while u aim?
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