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Originally Posted by Atmosk View Post
Just think of collision theory and apply it here, as distance and speed of particles increase, increases their chance to collide. The more you hack and how bad you hack increases your chances of being banned.

Dogmatt has driver protection so detections are out of the question, bans are likely to be applied by 1.) stats, or 2.) observation.
Of course the more visible you are - the higher the odds are of anyone getting banned. But it is just naive to believe that you can trust everyone that buys a product, without a doubt people will be blatant - people will get caught.

Claiming that any protection would protect a software from being detected is naive and reckless. Having proofed hacks against some of the most intrusive anticheats (Aequitas, ESEA, EAC, Warden) I do know a fair deal about detection and anti-detection.

Currently it is not much you have to do to detect it, and being the nice guy I am and at the same time trying to avoid getting one of my beta accounts banned I point these things out so you can be ahead. Because believe me a multi-million dollar company that had a title go under largely due to hackers (PS1) will focus on anticheat. It has been stated by developers already that they are bringing in PB to get the most public hacks and they'll be developing their own tool to do the rest.

One Google search takes me to this site. I imagine whoever works for SOE's exploit/hack-team is able to do the same.

So yeah, dig yer head in the ground and pretend you're safe. I prefer my tinfoil hat and dose of actual knowledge on the matter.
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