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Default A Short Review tested with GW2

Hi Guys,

I am new Hags Club user and first of all:
Big Thanks to Eldaen for his impressive fast support via Skype.

I needed him twice yesterday and both times he answered my questions within seconds.

So I was able to test the tool with GW2.
The installation is a little bit tricky, but all infos to do it, can be found here and if not, Eldaen can help you very fast.

After doing that, I used the sticky Eldaen teleport thread in the GW2 sector to import all presaved teleport coordinates. Thanks to that, I was able to reach 100% Explorer very very fast.

You can collect materials like ores and so on very fast, via saving the spwan points of them in your teleport log.

Great thing: You don't need to worry about other players, that they see you teleporting. The servers are so slow to sync your data, so you are already teleported away before any user or mob can see you.

Usage in WvW/sPvP: you can use the teleport here too to get to a point in WvW very fast. A really great advantage is the Radar and ESP, so you can always see, what is going on around you, how many enemies and so on. It is really a big advantage.
One worse thing here: If someone (f.e. a thief) vanishs, he disappears from radar for some seconds. Maybe you can improve here.

Thats all I tested yesterday. I dont think, that I will test the speed/high junp thing, because these kinds of features are to obvious.

Thats all from my side.

Thanks for that nice tool.

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