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Originally Posted by Nietzsche View Post
XC is the most illegal and invasive shit you can have on your pc, trust me.

trust matt

If you think XC is bad, look what the russians are doing:

(Thorn is their AC, greasy as fuck if you ask me)

Seriously though, don't worry about XC, it's a shitty AC used for f2p games. It has been bypassed a billion times by code monkeys, and matt is an ASM expert, he's one of the best around. Example: Hide overlay in common fraps functions, people don't get banned for using fraps, and it uses draw code (old methods from matt, can't find the post)

EDIT: (I know it's ps2, but read his post)
There you go. No one in the history of hags has been banned from an MMORPG using only ESP/radars, which are the features planned for BDO - maybe extras.

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