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*cough cough* whats this now?

put that in your NCSOFT\BnS\bin folder to disable GG. If you did it correctly when you start the game you'll get this msg:
Click the image to open in full size.

NOTE: Your AV will give you a false positive, should be clean though.

NOTE2: If you get banned it's not my or hags club fault

NOTE3: Tested with CE, it works fine

will release noob speed/tp hax tmr

You have it here first boys, worlds first noob speed hacks:
1.) Search float 248 for non-sprint, 434 sprinting
Note, non-sprinting can only go as high as 415 without rubberbanding

2.) Noob teleport hax not working, only thing you can do is freeze z-values. Teleporting will rubberband you.
Can teleport short distances, not really useful. If you want to find it, it'll be same memory region as speed, float values between 1000-100 000, XY are -4 bytes from Z, so just find Z and minus 4 bytes from it.
Ex.) 480CA05C (zvalue) - 4bytes = 480CA058 (yvalue) - 4bytes = 480CA054 (xvalue)

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