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Originally Posted by Shwaysted View Post
Would it be possible to add buff/debuff/spell checks to create some sort of countering logic? Seeing as it is like a sort of fighter type combat system (havent actually played it so idk).

Also, is aimbot feasible? Or even effective? Haven't seen the hitboxes but could be dirty being able to get full rotations off uninhibited, especially for ranged.
logic: 100000000 spells in 1 sec. so no
client/server was coded by some shitheads and i dont want to fix their shits

aimbot not needed cuz BDO still target system like old mmos
you dont need to press TAB, just rotate camera. and yes, hag have target lock and auto target
do not pm me about hwid resets, refunds, any kind of shit like why kepatch did nothing, how to code & be 1337omghaxxor
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