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Originally Posted by Hagzor View Post
There will be a hack for Black Desert, be sure

As i said before - we might start to sell it in some time before release.
Sort of little presentation might happend earlyes.

Still no idea about the feature list, things are getting changed, coz developers fix things.

Well, i can be sure only about radar in bdo hack O_o that will be 100% radar and ESP

It will help you to find mushrooms and hidden smurfs and pink pandas or whatever this game also have.
All we need is a good object/actor ESP+Filter. Other hags would be nice (banme features pls ), but thats all we need.

Things like ore spots, herbs, trees, hunting objects (beehives, animals, whales), horses for capture, would be epic. Treasure chests would be nice too since they are a pain in the ass to find.

Fishing and hunting require no action points to do, so with ESP it 'could' be a viable form of earning a lot of cash. Other methods is trading w/ wagon & 4 horses. Level them up while trading then sell them off. Guys on kr can make ~2m/hr. That or you get lucky with harvest/mob drops (ogre ring is 48m on ru right now).
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