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Originally Posted by Hagzor View Post
more details on rsc/aim things, explain in details please
Well rsc aka recoil system control is used to stop the recoil of all the weapons in the game. So when you fire your weapon your gun does not spray all over the place. This should be built into the aimbot/system itself.

Aim system is like a normal aimbot but very very smooth. like if i bind it to the alt key, when my crosshair is around the player who i want to kill, it will smoothly puts your crosshair over the player and smoothly lock it in place until the player is dead. Could also be used to rage hack too.

Last but not least noflash.

No flash makes it so when your player is stunned by a flash bang ingame it will make it so you can still see normal and not the white screen you normaly see.

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