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So I have been banned 2 hours after purchasing this ESP... Yes I followed the rules and still got banned. My K/D ratio stayed down I made sure of that.
Now, stop claiming you have "cheat protection" and bla bla bla..all garbage.
I have seen people post about their disappointment with your work and honestly it's not "all our fault."
If it's this easy to detect your ESP only...imagine how it will be when you add AIMBOT??
I don't know how..but many people out there are hacking the shit out of this game with aimbot and everything..ranking up very fast like Unholy1 said above, so I figured maybe a ESP wouldn't be detected SO fast? NO! THIS HACK F*** sucks!
Looks great, simple to use and all... but I guess it's not worth it.
Not worth it at all.
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