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Question Kp Win 10 eta ? / Gta5 questions


-Is there any eta for win10 kepatch ?

Some questions about the gta5 hag:
(maybe there's a thread about these )

-it shall support scripts, how exactly do we use this feature ?

-through the use of the hag or implemented/imported scripts, will my avatar appear to be flickering/blinking to other players ?

-does the aimbot target all of these ?
(Player, npc, ennemy npc, player or npc in vehicles)
and if yes, is the police a seperate target as an ennemy npc ?

-and can we/could we mark players as "friendly", so they won't get targeted by the aimbot (if for example by mistake a friend stands between me and an ennemy whilst using the aimbot)
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