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Originally Posted by RLSccc View Post
• Modifying your OS environment in an attempt to falsify data that the game accesses, this is considered malicious behavior will result in the account being banned...
Sounds a lot like patchguard. A regular x64 kernel unpatched will not allow device drivers to hook API, I'm not 100% positive but it's likely why DM patches it. If PS2 grabs any information from the kernel, it may be able to detect a change in the privellege levels of your device drivers.

DM will probably storm in here and make fun of me, and say some crazy alien shit that no one will be able to understand (not enough vodka). So we don't really know what is detected, or if it even is. That said, go grab yourself an HWID spoofer (TMC is good), and never spend money in game as you'll likely be banned for cheating.
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