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Default Planetside 2 Ban/Suspension

Hey guys,

I was recently hit by a planetside suspension; I think it's related to the softwrae but it could be in response to using some aimbot esp ;) They're requesting some of my system files for proof to lift the ban.. like MSINFO and DXDIAG files as per their knowledgebase article:
The ban/suspension could also be in regard to a payment issue i had with Paypal and their service.

Any info or assistance would be appreciated. Should I submit those files from my normal OS rather than the windows 7 patch file created by the software?

Auto-Response 11/11/2015 09:59 AM
Please Note: This is an automated reply to your question based upon the category that you selected. If you have chosen the wrong category, then it is likely that this does not address your question. If that is the case, then you may want to close this ticket and open a new one with the correct category selected to ensure your ticket is answered as quickly as possible.

Your account has been suspended or banned based on a combination of factors including but not limited to: Cheat detection tools, video evidence, player reports, as well as direct observation.
We do not base our decisions on a single report or piece of evidence, and as such we feel very strongly that the action taken against your account is valid.

Types of processes considered cheating include:
• Running specific programs that modify the game client or game experience.
• Modifying your OS environment in an attempt to falsify data that the game accesses, this is considered malicious behavior will result in the account being banned.

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

If you feel that you should be given a second chance or that this was in error, please fill out the form below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be as honest and detailed as you can in your response as we will be using that information to make final determination as to your account status. For your ban to be appealed we will need detailed information about what could have caused these flags and differentiates your play sessions from the thousands of others.

Ban Appeal Form

- Banned Daybreak Login Name:

- Have you ever been banned in one of our games before?:

- Server Name:

- Character Name:

- Date of Offense:

- 3rd party program used:

- Please give your side of the story:

- Ban Appeal - Why do you feel the ban should be lifted?

-Include your dxdiag and msinfo files. Instructions can be found here:
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