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i think a lot of people would be open to it. I mean even if DM doesnt want to the potential profits that could be made are undeniable. for example Dayz standalone's website says there are 2,671,598 players. now i dont know if those are for the entire time they've been up but if so lets cut that in half. so lets say there are now 1,335,799 players, you can always find atleast 4 or 5 hackers on a large server, 40 x .5 (potential ratio for hackers to legit players) = 20 / 1,335,799 = 66789.95 potential hackers world wide. so if you take that and then multiply it by how ever much you want to sell your hack for so lets just say $25, the potential profit is about $1,669,748.75 US. so i mean i can understand that he dislikes zombie survival games but i think its hard to ignore the money. even making a fourth of that would be well worth it.

Also the more successful it is, meaning that it stays undetected and not a lot of people get banned from it, the more people will be in demand for it and even non-hackers would eventually come to the dark side.
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