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Originally Posted by outer1990 View Post
Going to have to agree with the above poster WeLD. If your looking for a free shooting game, try planetside 2. I do not think that game will make it to dogmatts hag list. But could be wrong.

And to Atmosk, getting banned does not matter.. its a free game. I get banned daily from PS2..luckily it is free so i can create account after account.
Actually it does matter because below lvl 8 in this game you get stuck with new players, so if you want maximum rage from players you'll have to make it to lvl 8 then you join the rest of the faggotry. Also you can't access the other maps until lvl 8. Personally for me, I love the look of guns, so I like to rank up to try out new guns just for fun.

I made it to the top 100 leaderboards in 1 day (I had to spend money). Totally worth it though.

If you see any name with, "Giant(INSERTANIMAL)" that is me, I usually go like 50 kills a game or so, gets boring fast.
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