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Originally Posted by Halo636 View Post
How has Hags been surviving from the PS2 bans?

I haven't used PS2 in a very long time but Hags was a high quality hack for it.

I am a user of other private hacks and they've discontinued their support of PS2 due to banwaves. I'm aware that Hags uses custom drivers (still have them enabled). I am also aware Hags has had a few bans itself from PS2.

My question is what's the current status? Completely undetected? Random? Based on reports? etc
I have used HAGS for a bit. They provide EXCELLENT hacks that do require a bit of a setting up and a learning curve.. However, from personal observation. They just can't seem to keep up with the updates and aggressive ban measures. From just reading the PS2 subscribing area, it seems many people (and new subs) are getting banned nearly immediately in PS2 as of the past few weeks. Little to no answers from the administration, not much addressed.. Looking forward to hearing from them some time on what's going on. Just recently purchased 1 month sub from them, and i'm too afraid to use HAGS in PS2.
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