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Originally Posted by Atmosk View Post
Are you kidding me? ESP is about 10000000x more detectable then an aimbot... aimbots don't even mod mem (if done right). You're more likely to be banned from norecoil/nospread then aimbot.

Fairfight only flags you when you've been reported btw, so if you play like a fucking asshole you'll get what you deserve.
Can anyone elaborate on that?

It's hard to believe that Aimbot would not access memory, pretty much it needs to access the same data that ESP does and than do even more... basically aim for you. ESP is much safer as long as these damn screens keep coming out clean.

As for no.spread 1 and no.recoil 1,2 - it's always dodgy if you use it on a observer enabled server, if you do than at least do it with care and check every now and than if there is an observer on. As well No.spread and no.recoil can be easily spot by another player or enemy if he actually watches you and your decals on walls and shit, as well it can be spotted by watching the trace that you bullets leave.

If I understand this right it seems way easier to get caught for an Aimbot. For Aimbots to work you need No.spread and No.recoil on. From what I seen so far any Aimbot looks very inhuman and unnatural and most of them Aim 100% at the head or other part of the body if configured to do so. It makes it easy to spot on your stats: 1st of all 100% hit rate (bot won't miss), 2nd of all you will get impossible kills like people that are barely sticking out from behind cover and bot kills them instant, 3rd of all bot will kill people across the other end of the map, 4th of all bot will kill trough walls sometimes because as I notice the ESP shows that you can shoot people trough walls sometimes where there is no clear line of fire. So overall you'll get too much of impossible kills and you get banned in an instant, possibly first by Admin on a server he will send it to PBans, Metabans, GGC, Fairfight, whatever they will all start working together sooner or later probably. So one ban will mean ban for all of them and all server associated with them. Another problem with Aimbot is that you move the mouse one way because you want to control your movement and bot moves it the other way to aim at someone, that creates shake like distortion of the movement that is very easy to spot by players on your team and on the enemies.

As far as Fairfight monitoring goes. They supposedly monitors our stats from the very beginning of BF4 and they add stats from BF3 to it as well. They look for very instant increase in your performance/learning curve probably they have their own automated bot scripts to do it for them. Obviously it would be impossible to monitor everyone by hand, so again Aimbot will contribute to this a lot. Reporting people to EA/DICE most likely won't get them banned. It seems that these days you can only get banned manually by Admins then this can be send to PBscreens, Metabans, GGC, Fairfight and so on and this can result in multiple server bans. This will still only be manual bans. As long as you keep your learning curve grow steadily + accuracy bellow 25%(on regular weapons) and screenshot comes out clean with clean observer mode, EA/DICE/PB won't ban you. As far as I know they disabled the ability for admins to Ban people with PB, not sure what it means exactly but seems good for us.

So over all:


VEHICLE AIMBOT = Ban less likely as you can stop moving mouse and control vehicles with buttons easy + no need for no.recoil and no.spread

ESP = No ban as long as screenshots keep coming out clean and as long as injection is undetectable

No Recoil + No spread = Possible Ban if used excessively on servers with observer or noticed by real pro players.

P.S. Jets are very fast overall, but mostly pilots don't fly them at full speed. If you seen a Jet flying at full speed and taking people down on ground easy than to me it's most likely an Aimbot or..... a very very skilled pilot (in the end he only needs to slow down to turn).

Sorry for the wall of text. Can anyone elaborate?

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