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Originally Posted by tyrrant View Post
not really, some of us know how to deal with bans. its a f2p game.

edit: sorry, just mad that hag down so much past week, and now you intentionally take it offline because some people dont know how to change bones.cfg, use banme options, and dont block crash reports. also im betting those people didnt rename the kepatch files from the default options.

not to mention this is a pay per month hag, not a one time payment. when its due to a new patch that fucks up the hag, i understand you needing time to fix it. but it was working and you take it down because some people got banned over the double xp weekend, when they were probably playing way to well for their level.
im new here ...and one of the ppl that were getting banned and thats on my 8 month main account...b4 this i thought i just installed it and just play...but with ur statement above maybe im wrong...

could u elaborate more on what u mention above..what actually should the beginner do if want to use the hack efficiently & safely?....plss...thx in advance..
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