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Default BF4 Hag dogmatt's masterpiece

Firstly i was not owner of the bf4.
After some days that the game is released i just comed here to check the news and i see " battlefield 4 support is announced " and i was just like:
Click the image to open in full size.
I just buy the game to enjoy it with the hag.
I was so excited because i always wanted to try the dogmatt's hag because i know that he is one of the respectable coder of "game hacking" community.
And i know that he is not doing same copy/pasta shits to support every games to earn more moneyz like others p2c sites does.

After the payment, just sended a pm to Eldaen and just got activated within 24h. Really nice.
Installation was really easy, just patched with kepatch2 rebooted and was ready to go.
When i was ingame for the first time i just said "holy shit... what a beautiful ESP" and yes HC has clearly the best ESP.
You can clearly see where the tank is looking
But i'll like to see the mines,c4 added to ESP.

In the past i've tried several hacks like AA - X22 but like i said before these cheats are just copy / pasta and looks fucking ugly.
And the most important they are not secured at all.
They take "customers" for idiots.

There is not a aimbot actually but i'll not complain for it, because i never use the aimbot.
ESP & no-spread and no-recoil is just far enough for me.
But i'll like to see some cools features (usefull for trolling) like auto-switch or others.

So thank you dogmatt for this hag and thank you Eldaen for fast support.

( Sorry for my english, it is not perfect lol )
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