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Originally Posted by Shockplug View Post
You are full of shit on about 1/2 of the stuff in this article, HC > AA > TM. you fucked the price comparison up and TM and AA are about equal TM being geared more towards rage hacking and AA legit hacking. For PS2 at least.
EDIT: Also the Setup part is messed up.
Dude thx for your comment, i have 4 things for you:

1.- I just want to remind you this is MY point of view.

2.- That's what opinions are meant to do, open up discussion.

3.- I don't intend everyone to agree with me.

4.- You could be more polite with your comments

As a response to your comment, I agree when you say "TM being geared more towards rage hacking and AA legit hacking" but I personaly dont think TMC and AA are pretty much alike, I think they're quite diferent actually.

Also when you say "you fucked the price comparison up (...)" I actually don't think so, I've payed for the three of them, actually 3 months membership on each try, I know their prices, I've used the three of them, I know how they charge.

Now that you're giving arguments about the three hacks, I have a question for you; have you payed and tried the three of them for at least 3 months?
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