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Originally Posted by Eldaen View Post
Hello, right now there is kind of a problem for maybe 15% of users, they r getting banned for unknown reason, probably, you should wait with subscription, but, you can try of course

PS. there were no any detections since october, but right now some ppl complain, that it is detected, but we still can't get, what's up here, because it's only like 15% of ppl getting fast bans, others - dont, and me or matt dont get banned, so we still think, that it's kind of " manual " bans by gm's... but still working on getting the clue on it.
Your honesty is very important to me. Thank you so much for being straighforward. Because of that, I think I'm going to give it a try very soon.

So you believe the recent bans come from the recent GMs logging into the game randomly with the server message "Hi, this is GM blahblah, send me a PM about any potential cheaters!". That kind of thing?

Thanks again for the fast response!
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