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Default Before I Subscribe for the PS2 Hack

After looking at the testimonials from previous subscribers, I'm willing to pick up 1 month subscription for the planetside 2 hack and perhaps even more time if all goes well. However, I have a few concerns that I'd like to have settled before making my first purchase at HC.

Was there ever a mass banwave previously with planetside 2? If so, was hags-club ps2 hackers included in this banwave? If there were banwaves, how often did they occur?

I've read on other websites that you need to block some kind of crash log in order to not reveal that you're hacking. This isn't my first time hacking in an fps but I was curious if HC knew about this.

I noticed all the moderators here reply to every thread and that was one of the reasons I'm choosing HC as my first choice!

Thank you
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