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Default [GW2] Hags - unbelievable.

I'm not the standard customer, if you recognize my username it's because I've been in the hacking business for about 10 years now, I manage 2 major hack sites and am a contributing member for at least a dozen other sites. I am also an amateur with ASM and develop my own personal material.

With all that said, I am extremely impressed with the quality of the hack, the engine is clean, well managed and gives the ability to adapt to just about anything. Rather than being a rigid system, H3 allows so much freedom due to it's nature as an engine instead of a standalone system. (Besides good hacks always come out of either Germany or Russia lol!)

  • Easy customizable interface
  • Console with unique user defined hotkey's
  • XYZ teleport (FUCK YEAH!)
  • Speed
  • ESP with user defined filters
  • Active and kind developers with a willing to take customer input
  • 24 hour reset on HWID's (this is a HUGE plus for people with multiple PC's)

  • Signup on main page is sketchy, needs an automatic signup system
  • Some minor bugs (speed doesn't lock, just due to the early stages of the hack, I imagine they will be ironed out)

For 10 USD, these guys offer some of the best around, I'm extremely impressed and they definitely are in my good books. I'm already speculating signing up for another month and I just can't wait to see what they'll have next.

To be completely honest, I was expecting to get scammed, but hoped for the best, luckily I wasn't mistaken, these guys are the real deal.

Thanks guys!

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