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aye, i stopped my sub for hags because i dont play any games hags supports (i got bored of ps2 after i got banned lol), but i will be playing defiance.

i will get a new subscription if hags supports defiance.

Originally Posted by Mojoguy01 View Post
Fuck that low budget piece of shit low quality game.

Literally, within minutes of loading into Defiance from each Beta Weekends me & Atmosk found:

-No Recoil
-No Spread
-No Reload
-Speedhack (runspeed)
-Infinite Vehicle Boost
-No Gravity
-Hit Avoidance
-Armor (yes, also client side, 99999 armor == 0 dmg taken from raid mobs)
-Critical Damage Multiplier (yes, it's fucking client side)
-WEAPON DAMAGE (same as Crit Multiplier)


Fuck Defiance.

ps: The game is also fucking boring, and dull linear quest grinder. Think "WoW" & "Tabula Rasa" combined to form "WoWasa"

With "No-Spread", "No-Recoil", "No-Reload", and Weapon Damage set to 9999 my shotgun would pump hits for a mob or player's MAX hp. So you can easily figure out how much hp a mob has in one shot....because it fucking exploded. I even one-shot a quest mob that you're supposed to run from....and i glitched the entire area lol.
If this is accurate, atmosk then it should be an easy feat. that being said, i'd really be willing to pay for them, but from what i can see no other hack community is going to even try, despite the game being easy to hack (i was able to do a few things in cheat engine, but i dont know what im doing really)

Hell, not even the aimbot but some fuck around with armor and damage before they fix it would be fun lol

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