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Originally Posted by dogmatt View Post
i'll add big red "save settings" button
That's the spirit

But seriously, i'm only just giving out some suggestions here Ya know... People are lazy, they like simplicity.

@ Eldean - yeah u can save VIA console, but as u read my post further - many people don't KNOW how to use it, therefore won't be able to save or even know it does such a thing + knowing people's nature, 60% of them don't even come reading the forums for info & updates and give up after a while.

Yeah there is tutorial, but for a complete "NEWB" it's not exactly easy to use & find. Like.. why not add the links/info/tutorials etc in the launcher before you open it, like it does before updating etc. Remember, many people are not PC geeks, they won't know what all these techy-doodahs and terms mean, they just want it easy there and then, and sadly people like that are 70% of the population who use the PC. That would mean somewhat bigger revenue aswell.
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